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Why are facials so important?

Having regular facials provides many benefits to your overall skin health. Besides promoting relaxation, you will see great improvements to your skin tone, texture and overall skin rejuvenation. Using professional skincare products on your skin will provide your skin with essential nutrients. With the help of our skincare experts, we are able to analyse and personalize your treatment to suit your skincare needs.

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Which skin treatment is right for you?

We let your skin tell us exactly what’s needed. A few fine lines, wrinkles and maybe some dark marks. Or deep furrows, poor texture, and sagging skin. When it comes to anti-aging treatments, your therapist looks at the depth and extent of the damage to guide which professional treatments are best for your individual skin.

Anti-aging treatments

Prevent Aging

It pays to be prepared – especially with your beautiful skin. Like with most things in life, by the time you see the effects of aging, the process is already underway. That’s where age prevention comes in, you should never feel like it’s too soon to start, prevention is better than cure. Correcting the earliest signs of aging and maintaining healthy, glowing skin is the aim of the Lamelle Age Prevent Treatments.


Hyperpigmentation is the appearance of dark marks, spots, and splotches on the face and skin. It’s largely due to – or made worse by – sun exposure. We distinguish between all kinds of hyperpigmentation and, in professional treatments, have a number of treatment strategies, dependent on the exact cause, extent, and location of the skin damage.

Problematic Skin

Pimples, breakouts, blackheads, acne. We all want clear skin, but it’s not always clear where to get the best treatments that actually work. That’s why we use the term “problematic skin” to describe acneic and acne-prone skin. Sound familiar?

Anti-aging treatments

 Then these treatments for turning problematic skin into clear skin are the ones you should be looking at. The term ‘problematic skin’ could include any condition on the skin that could include ‘odd pimple’ to full mild to moderate inflamed acne conditions. We have solutions to treat the most pimple challenges.

Note: This is a very challenging skin condition that is very specific to each individual. Partner closely with your Lamelle skincare therapist.


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We will analyze your skin and look at your current routine and skin health.

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Anti-aging treatments

What skincare range should you be using?

How many steps should an average skincare routine contain? Four? Five? Ten?

With growing regimes becoming the norm and an overwhelming amount of products to choose from, it’s difficult to know exactly what we need to apply on our face and what we could really do without.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your skin, but if you’re in need of a little guidance, speak to one of our skincare experts for a little advice.

The general consensus around ‘the bare essentials’ is that you need a pleasingly streamlined edit of cleanser, hydrator and SPF. But, for peak skin condition it’s a good idea to add in a targeted serum and exfoliator, depending on your skin type.
As for what order in which to apply them, the golden rule is to start with the lightest texture and move up to the heaviest. That way, your delicate serum won’t have to muscle through a thick layer of lotion to hit its target.


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